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| California Artisan Cheese Festival 2018

March 23rd - 25th, 2018
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The California Artisan Cheese Festival is rain or shine. Most volunteer jobs are inside, but please plan to dress appropriately for the work that you will be performing. This dress code has been developed with the safety of volunteers in mind. Please adhere to this code to ensure that you will be able to fully take part during the Festival. Please wear comfortable closed-toed shoes. Please do not wear revealing or tight-fitting clothing; includes tank tops, sleeveless or low-cut shirts, or tight pants (such as yoga pants). Appropriate clothing includes shirts that cover the stomach, upper arms and chest; and long pants.

- There will be a break room for volunteers with refreshments.
- When you are volunteering please refrain from drinking alcohol and/or smoking during your shifts. There will be a designated area for smoke breaks. Please inquire when you check in.
- Please be patient. There are times that events don't go as planned and there may be reassignments of shifts as needed. If you complete your assigned task and your shift time is not yet complete - please check in at the volunteer check in and see if you can assist us in some other way.
- Job assignments may shift as necessary to best organize and run the Festival.
- As a thank you to our volunteers, you will receive logo apron to wear during your shift and once you have completed your shift you will receive an insulated logo bag with goodies inside, generously provided by our cheesemakers and artisan producers and sponsors. Volunteers who signed up for at least two shifts, with one of those shifts occurring on Sunday, may attend the Artisan Marketplace for free, as space permits. Please arrange this in advance. Entrance can be used either before or after a Sunday shift. If your shift happens after the Marketplace is over, please restrict or refrain from drinking alcohol when you are enjoying the Marketplace. Goodie bags will be provided to volunteers at the END of your shift. Please only one bag per person.

When not volunteering for a shift/event, we encourage you to participate in the many fun events and seminars we are offering. Volunteers can receive a discounted ticket to attend one of the following events on space is available:
- Friday Night Ultimate Best Bite $40/person
- Saturday Night Cheese & Cocktails $25/person
- Sunday Marketplace $25/person
- Saturday Seminar for $40/person